A longstanding Quaker tradition that I really appreciate is the use of queries as a spiritual practice.  Quakers use the term “query” to refer to questions that are used for spiritual reflection, both personal and corporate.  Careful, prayerful use of queries allows a community to wrestle with shared understanding of how we’re called to live as followers of Jesus, to be mindful of what God might have to teach us, or provide opportunity to discern how our beliefs and daily actions align.

Below are several queries that I’ve been praying through lately.  I invite you to consider them as well, and would love to hear how you’re experiencing God lead.

*  *  *

-How does my inward faith turn outward?

-How do I listen to others, being sensitive to their personal needs and struggles?

-Have I examined my beliefs and prepared myself to share them, as the Holy Spirit leads?

-How do I work to trust others’ understanding and experience of God?

-Do I believe that Jesus is enough? How does this belief inform my actions?

-How does Jesus convict me when I am in the wrong? Do I trust Jesus to convince others of the same?

-How do I allow space for Jesus to speak to me?

-Is my approach to conflict with others marked by a spirit of humility and grace?

-How do I work to maintain the unity of the Spirit?

-Are all of my relationships marked with mutual respect?

-How do I lay aside my own wishes while seeking God’s will with others?

-How am I faithfully striving to answer God’s call to love others?

-How do I work to extend grace and love to those outside my community?

-How am I sharing with others what I understand to be God’s leading?

-How do I faithfully receive others’ sharing of God’s work in their lives?

-How do I carry concern for justice and well-being for everyone?

-Do I live and speak in a manner that represents the ‘good news’ of Jesus?


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