Salt and Light

It’s been awfully quiet around these parts lately.

Lest the silence be misunderstood, my absence from blogging hasn’t meant I no longer care, have changed how I think, or have set aside the call to write about faith and following Jesus.

On the contrary, I feel these things more deeply.

I’m looking forward to continuing thinking about how faith and life intersect, writing, and listening to your stories. I don’t know if I’ve weathered through the intense season completely, or if the intense “season” is really just the how my life is.

If you’ve wondered about the ‘why’ behind my silence here the past few months, or if you’ve wondered if God has been moving and teaching in the time of quiet here, I’d like to share something I originally shared at my church. I spoke a few weeks ago about Salt and Light, as well as the ways that God has been teaching, sustaining, and moving in my life, and they’ve posted a podcast of the service (August 11th).

This podcast? Is the dark place that my heart has been lately. It’s been hard, lonely, and terrifying. And, despite the hard and ugly parts, God has been present and active. Redeeming and healing. Encouraging, and prompting me to further action.

I’m excited for what the future holds. I sense God moving, and drawing me (us?) to partner in the call to be Salt and Light.

How has God been speaking to and sustaining YOU lately?


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